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Selecting the Best Multi Channel Home Theatre For Your Home

Multi Channel Home Theatre

Wouldn’t it be great if you can experience a multi channel home theatre at your home? This will not only save you a lot of money. But will also save a lot of time and not forget the enjoyment but how? Well, if you are also in this dilemma then you are at the right place.

Because in this article, we will not only tell you how to create a theatre-like experience at your home by using a multi-channel home theatre. we will also help you in selecting the best multi channel home theatre for your home.

But before we began to drive into this topic let’s understand what is multi-channel home theatre system?

Multi channel Home Theatre 

A multi channel home theatre system is a perfect all-in-one solution for experiencing theatre at home. The term multi-channel specifies the audio handling capacity which means that it can handle multiple audio tracks. And can rebuild the sound on speakers. It usually consists of at least 5 surround sound speakers which create sounds and transform your room into a mini theatre.

Some Basic terminology

There is some basic terminology that you must have a clear concept of. Let’s learn them one by one.

The stereo sound

This type of sound is the most common type that has two channels left and right. And it creates a 3D multi-dimensional audio perspective. You can feel the depth of the sound but you cannot experience the effect.

Surround sound

It is a more advanced audio system that provides greater depth and lets you experience the sound effects.  It lets you get involved with the music.

But if you want to enjoy your music and movies then you must have a stereo speaker system.

Stereo System 

It also consists of two speakers but what makes the stereo system from others is the sound. It can be enhanced by adding sub-woofers which lets you enjoy low frequency sounds at better quality.

There are two types of stereo speakers available in the market. The plug-in-play type active speakers can be connected directly to your system and without any external amplifiers. On the other hand, a passive speaker requires external amplifiers or integrated amplifiers.

All stereo devices are then connected to these integrated amplifiers. This means that in passive speakers there are multiple units, not a single unit.


If you don’t want a stereo system, then a soundbar can be a better alternative. They are less complex, slim, and compatible. It is very easy to install and use a soundbar. If you have a small space then it is the perfect solution for you.

Essential Parts of a Multi Channel Home Theatre System

Apart from speakers, there are various other important parts that make a complete multi channel home theatre system. Let’s look at this part one by one.

AB Receiver

AB Receiver or AVR AKA audio video receiver is the central unit of the multi-channel home theatre system. The main purpose of this AVR is to process the audio track and power the speaker units. While purchasing an AVR you need to consider the speaker voltage, and the requirement of amplification power.


Source as the name suggests on which the movie is played. Therefore, it is necessary that your source should support a multi-channel sound format. If you are relying on online streami8ng platforms like Hot star, Apple Tv, Disney, etc. then you don’t have to worry as these platforms support multi-channel soundtracks.

Display Device

If you really want to enjoy a theatre-like experience at your home then you will need a display unit. It can be your Tv or if you want a big screen then you can switch to the projector.

Interconnect and speaker wire

Depending upon the number of speakers you have and their placement in the room, the length of the wire may vary. You will also need a strong power management system to support your multi channel home theatre.


Multi-channel home theatres are incomplete without good speakers. They are the heart and soul of the complete system. A general modern-day home theatre consists of 5 speakers with sub-woofers.

Types of Multi Channel Home Theatre

From a broader perspective, a multi-channel home theatre system can be classified into wired and wireless home theatre systems.

The main difference between the types of home theatre is that the wireless system does not have speaker wires and AVR as compared to a wired system.

Which makes it more convenient and increases its usability? But when it comes to performance the wired system has an upper hand, as it offers better sound quality. 

If you are not a technical person, or you don’t want to spend your time looking for the perfect time then HTiBs are perfect for you. They are budget-friendly and have superior performance. 

But if you are looking for a high-end performance system then you will have to assemble your own multi channel home theatre system. This can be both expensive and time-consuming. 

Points While Selecting or Building Your Home Theatre

Few points that you should keep in mind while selecting or building your home theatre

The role of Tv is very important as it is through which your picture will be displayed on this. Therefore, if you have old Tv it can degrade your experience. We recommend you have a 4K HDR Tv. Because they have great picture quality also provide various built-in connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.

Your Room

It is very essential to consider your room size, space, and design before selecting your home theatre.

Streaming devices

Modern-day home theatres are smart and let you stream both audio and video from multiple channels by using your computer or mobile. they can also easily get connected with various applications which are popularly known for steaming music.  

Ease for set-up

If you are a non-technical person then this is a very important point for you. Make sure that the system that you have selected is easy to install and involves less complexity. 


Movie time is the best family time as it brings all family member together. If you have a multi channel home theatre installed at your home then it could be cherry on the cake. So it’s better to have one at your home.

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