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How to get rid of hickeys faster: Top 11 tips for instant work

How to get rid of hickeys

How to get rid of hickeys? also known as a love bite, occurs when a person assertively socks or bites another person’s skin. It causes the blood vessel to break, which instantly causes the affected area to turn red; as it heals, its color changes to dark brown or purple due to the collated blood in the vessel.

It is a type of serial Mark, and many people hesitate to go outside so they can avoid the embarrassment of being caught with a hickey. How long do-hickey last? The Mark of Hickey takes two days to 2 weeks to heal completely.

Many want to get rid of it quickly.

So they apply or use cosmetics such as Concealer or instead use turtlenecks. The Mark of hickey doesn’t disappear instantly, but some tips and techniques make it disappear faster.

Follow these top 11 tips to get rid of hickey faster

1. Cold pack Compresses:-

Use some ice cubes or cold water cloaked in a clean cloth or a water bottle filled with cold water and apply it gently over the hickey.

What it does is that it reduces inflammation and controls bleeding, which occurs under the affected area. It quickly relieves pain and makes it sensitive back. It should be done within the first 12 hours to get the best results.

2. Hot packs and massage:-

Oak a clean cloth in warm water or fill up a bottle with hot water and put it gently on the hickey. Hot water heats the blood vessels, which then starts clotted blood to flow by massaging it through the center towards outward, so the clotted blood in the vessel moves away from the injured area and skin reheals its original color or tone. It should be done after 48 hours or so for the best results. It is one of the widely used methods to get rid of a hickey.

3. Arnica gels or creams:-

Arnica gel or cream contains Arnica Montana, a homoeopathic pain relief agent. It heals wounds and is anti-inflammatory, and has pain-relieving properties. Apply Arnica gel gently on the hickey, and it helps to get rid of the hickey faster and reduces pain.

4. Applying Vitamins K and C:-

Many people ask How to get rid of hickeys. Is there any natural method? Yes, By directly applying vitamins like K or C on the part of the body where the hickey had occurred. Vitamin K and C have properties to prevent blood clotting factors. It makes blood thicken and stops bleeding. So, they help to make the hickey disappear faster.

5. Aloe Vera gel is best:-

Aloe Vera is a herbal plant used a lot as remedies to heal up topical skin conditions. It helps to alleviate inflammation. So, this is one safe and natural remedy to help clear up the Mark.

6. Banana peel massage is effective:-

Clinical research has shown that banana peel has several components that help to make skin healthier. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has an abundant amount of antimicrobial and antioxidants

Apply banana peel for 15 to 20 minutes over the hickey. It may help to get rid of it faster. So any fruit lover trying to figure out How to get rid of hickeys finds comfort in this method.

7. Try to Use Visine:-

Apply visits on your bruise twice a day. It will help make your blood vessels narrower and make hickeys fade and slowly disappear.

Warning: Visited is an eye drop and uses chemicals that may not be suitable for open wounds or cuts. So make sure that one shouldn’t use it over open wounds or cuts to avoid any possible irritation.

8. Applying some cocoa butter on

Thinking about the name Cocoa butter, one indeed feels about chocolatey butter. But, what does it have to do with ‘How to get rid of hickeys?

The answer is Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is a plant-based fat extracted from cocoa seeds. This has been 3000 years that people have known its medicinal properties. This contains a compound called Phytochemical which may help to keep both body and skin healthy. Also includes a considerable amount of fatty acids, which can hydrate and nourish the skin and make it elastic and more beneficial.

9. By applying Peppermint essential oil to your message:-

Peppermint is an aromatic herb. Its oil is extracted from the leaves of the Peppermint plant and is used for various purposes. Peppermint oil contains chemical components like menthol and menthone, and many more. Apply diluted Peppermint oil all over the affected area; it helps stimulate blood flow, which slowly and gently reduces the size and exposure of the hickey.

Warning- one should not directly apply it as diluted essential oils. To make it diluted, add 12 drops of fat like coconut or olive oil to every 1 or 2 drops of Peppermint oil. Also, one should take a skin patch test first. If one does not experience any irritation within 24 hours of applying, one should proceed further to apply the diluted Peppermint essential oil onto the hickey.

10. Applying pressure to the hickey as soon as it happens:-

If someone has given you a hickey, one should immediately apply pressure to the hickey area as soon as it happens. By doing this, you can help your blood stop pooling.

As soon as blood stops pooling, the affected area becomes shorter, so as a result, the hickey appears smaller and lighter. Remember, it will not clog a hickey from forming, but it will hopefully help to Compress the size of the hickey compared to if it is left unchecked. It is one of the best ways to get rid of a hickey fast.

11. Using the Laser treatment:-

One other way to make your hickey heal faster is to undergo laser treatment. Laser treatment uses lasers to target those pooled cells under the skin and break up those cells.

It is not going to make the contusion heal immediately. It will cost you more than $300 and may vary from place to place according to your location. So, it is costly.

The last key

So, finally, How to get rid of hickeys? Hickey doesn’t go quickly, no matter how hard you try. The following tips make the hickey disappear faster. But the best remedy is that one should leave it to the body to cure it properly. I hope these tips work out for you. And you may enjoy yourself with your partner further without any hesitation.

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