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Easy Method To Stream 9Anime on Firestick, Android and others in 2022?


Watching anime is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, enjoyed by people of all ages. While there are many platforms available on the internet to buy those who want to watch anime for free. Their First choice is 9Anime because of its features.

This site is one of the most reliable and best websites in the world that provide free anime. If you want to watch anime for free then This is the best and most reliable website in the world that provides free anime.

This is one of the easiest websites for consuming anime content. The navigation property of this site is best. And on this site, you can get access to different types of anime for free. To Watch anime for free This is the best site.

How to run 9Anime on Fire TV and Firestick?

If you want to watch anime for free, this is the best and most reliable website in the world that provides free anime and that is mentioned in the previous paragraph, so now we are left with this question: how do you run this on Fire TV and Firestick?

  • So, For this firstly you need to install amazon silk browser on your amazon firestick or on your Fire TV. because this is the only available method from which you can get the access to 9anime.ru easily.
  • But, before installing the amazon silk browser you need to secure yourself by using a powerful VPN like IPVanish.
  • Now, when you connect your device with IPVanish then you need to come on the Home screen of your Fire TV or in Firestick.
  • Then, you have to go towards the search option which is in the top bar and type Silk Browser.
  • After, you find the Silk Browser option in the App and Game section then you have to install the silk browser in the device.
  • Once, you have successfully installed the silk browser then you just need to launch that by coming back to the Homepage and choosing the silk browser option.
  • Now you can search your desired website through this browser. but for many of the time this type of website is not working properly. So, you must have to find out some of the other websites similar to it.

For this here I am providing some of the best alternative URLs. From where you can watch these anime for free. And keep in mind that the following URL is only similar to 9anime.ru but not the same.

  • 9anime.to
  • 9anime.one
  • 9anime.live
  • 9anime.zone

If you are still wondering how you can use these above URLs on your Fire TV or on Firestick then don’t worry about it.

Because if you follow the above steps correctly then you need to do the same and search the above domain on the simple browser and that’s it.

How to use 9Anime on your Android devices or on PC?

This is very simple, you just need to download a browser like opera mini (Recommended) and install it on your Android Mobile or Tablet. After that, open the browser and then search the above domain on that search bar and then it’s done.

While you are using this kind of website on any device at any time you always have to secure yourself by using a powerful VPN like IPVanish.

This powerful VPN changes your IP address and in a hurry you are able to watch these services securely.

This is simple as compared to using it in Fire TV or Firestick. Because they might not be as handy as your Android Devices like Mobile and Tablet or on your PC.

Some FAQs

Why does buffering occur on sites like 9anime to?

There are two main reasons behind this buffering problem on any type of video sharing site. because these types of sites do not have such high power of hosting through which video will be streamed to you smoothly. 

And the other main reason behind the buffering is Advertisement which is continuously flashing. Through which site owners generate the revenue and you get your desired content for free.

Where can I watch Anime for free?

There are lots of websites which are running on the internet which allows you to get the access to free Anime which you want to watch.

But many times all of those websites are not secure in the term of malware. But 9anime to is the best because of the quality of content which is provided by this site.

Why do we face bad gateway while accessing these sites?

Usually this type of site is always migrating from one domain to another. Migration of these sites is the reason for your searched site to show you the bad gateway. But, not only this migration is responsible for this problem.

Also, The bad gateway problem was also due to high traffic which caused a bad impact on the hosting server and that result came as a bad gateway error.

Is 9anime.ru banned?

Because,  these types of sites provide the proxy content so they get banned after gaining popularity.

So, if you are often searching for these types of websites for watching free Anime. then you need to choose different types of domains from time to time.


Finally, I want to conclude that the 9Anime site is a great way to watch anime on your streaming device. This site is easy to use and has a great selection of anime shows and movies.

Also these sites are free to use. So if you’re looking for a great way to watch anime without paying a single penny. Then you should make sure to check out this best site.


This article is not promoting the piracy. The information of this article is only for informational purposes. Please always keep in mind that piracy is illegal so this site is not responsible for it.

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