April, 2024

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Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a document that describes the information and practices an organization takes concerning its customers’ data. It sets out how collected, used, shared, and disposed of customers’ data will be handled by the company in any given situation or for specific purposes.

The purpose of producing a general privacy policy is not to produce different documents but instead to have one set that can achieve multiple goals. This includes having one document that applies across all platforms and products on offer from the business without requiring separate updates or policies in each case. It might need updating due to changes made by new staff members who were unaware they needed their version of it before joining up.

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  1. What data do we collect?
  2. How do we use the collected data?
  3. Do we share any of your data with any third parties?

What data do we collect?

Blogstain.com collects information about you that is collected through your use of our website and services, including but not limited to:

  • Your Name and Email address when you are trying to connect with us either in the form of email or comment
  • The search engine you use to arrive on our site ( In most the cases, it is monitored from Google Analytics)
  • We use cookies on our website, which helps you to get a faster experience with our website

How do we use the collected data?

The data we collect is used for the following purposes, which is necessary for you to know them.

  1. To optimize the content of our blogs according to your relatable needs, which you want to get.
  2. The collected data includes your search interests, not directly under our control. Ad networks that might display their ads are the ones who use this information.

Do we share any of your data with any third parties?

Blogstain.com guarantees you that your data is not shared with third parties and will only use Advertisements according to the following rules:

  • We do have cookies for advertising purposes, but these cookies are deleted after 30 days of inactivity from our database, so no one else can access them over this period (unless they hack into it).
  • No personally identifiable information about anyone visiting Blogstain.com is collected through any methods either directly by us or indirectly automatically due to serving advertisements.