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9 Best IFVOD TV Alternatives to Watch Chinese Movies or Web Series


First of all understand what is ifvod all about? It is the leading Chinese website that has gained popularity worldwide. With over 900 Chinese programs, you can enjoy all your favorite Chinese programs and learn about the country. It has introduced some of the most famous Chinese movies and TV shows to the world.

These include Empire’s New Groove, Mulan, and Hotel Transylvania 2. You’ll never be bored with our large selection of quality programming available on demand! Its mission is to help people learn about China through entertainment.

In this article, we are providing you with the necessary details and the alternatives to ifvod. Don’t forget to read this article till the end; otherwise, you will miss something.

How to Download any Chinese Movie or Web Series From the IFVOD Site?

You simply need a good internet connection to download any movie from any platform. After having that, follow these steps to download any movie simply.

Step 1: Search for ifvod on your device’s browser. Then open the working URL.

Step 2: Next, choose your preferred movie from the homepage.

Step 3: Then simply click on the “download” button. Your movie will start downloading immediately.

Is IFVOD TV a Legal Site or Not?

It is safe to conclude that ifvod tv is a trustworthy website because it has many positive online reviews and has been in existence for many years. The trust score, which is 100 as per Scam Adviser, indicates that using it is secure. So, you don’t need to worry more about whether it is safe to use or not. You are in safe hands.

8 Best Chinese TV Shows and Programs Alternatives

If the ifvod website is not working properly, you can try the alternatives listed below.

1) Donaotv

One of the best ifvod tv alternatives is Donao TV. DonaoTV focuses on providing easy access to high-quality entertainment for people who are interested in international culture, languages, and lifestyles. Their goal is to provide a unique viewing experience with exclusive content, such as new releases and popular shows from China and other countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, France, and Morocco.

2) Todou

Todou is a platform offering premium foreign content. They specialize in providing a wide range of full-length TV series, TV shows, and movies from China, South Korea, the United States, and other European nations. Having had over 1 billion people watching TODOUG on their devices in the past 6 years, they understand what entertainment users want from them. They strive to deliver quality service that’s guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

3) Bilibili

Bilibili.com is a website that provides free access to Chinese and international animated series, movies, TV shows, and TV programs. It has over 11 million registered members who watch 8 million hours of quality animation per day. Bilibili provides a service that is easily accessible by its users from all over the world.

4) Youku

Youku.com is a platform that offers videos of games, news, movies, and TV shows to millions of viewers in China. With their vast selection of channels and streams on the platform youku.com, they make it simple for people to watch the most recent high-quality content. Youku has a clear mission to offer Chinese people the best video content from all around the world without any barriers.

5) Tencent video

Tencent Video is an online video streaming service with a focus on entertainment. It is one of the most popular platforms in China, with the most daily users and subscribers. Tencent Video has a wide range of new movies and TV shows, which makes it popular among younger people.

6) Iqiyi

Iqiyi is a Chinese streaming website that lets users view content from hundreds of different channels, including Hollywood blockbusters and popular TV shows. In China, iqiyi is the most popular way to watch TV shows and movies each day.

We could say that it is the number one platform in China, with more than 480 million monthly active users. It is also available globally in English and Chinese through apps on internet browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE.

7) Iyf TV

Iyf TV is one of the biggest streaming platforms in China with over 1 billion movies, TV series, and live videos. It is well-known for its super popular series like “Dao Ming Si, The Soul Mate.” This website has been providing the latest Chinese film, drama, and television library since 2008.

They have made history with their streaming success during this period. As of today, ivf tv serves more than 2 billion streams per month worldwide.

8) Ifuntv

Ifun TV is a one-stop platform for Chinese TV and programs. Their website offers a collection of popular web series, TV channels, movies, and more. They are committed to providing convenience, quality, and service to make “Chinese” TV watching a more enjoyable experience. Ifun TV aims to provide access to the most popular live shows, movies, and commercials from anywhere around the world to those who love watching Chinese TV online.


Last alternative on our list of best ifvod alternatives is PPTV. PPTv is a site that provides free Chinese movies. They update their catalog regularly, and all the movies are free on this website, so there’s no need to worry about software limitations, slow downloads, or being charged once you watch a video. Their movies cover all genres, from comedy, romance, action, and crime.

They provide a good mix of old classic Chinese films and the latest ones released in blockbuster theatres across China, which they believe can offer true entertainment for their audience. They want their users to be entertained and movie lovers alike can enjoy watching their favorite Russian romantic comedy in multiple languages!

The more they grow and expand, the more people who find this site, so expect more content for your viewing pleasure in the future.

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In the end, ifvod is the best platform for Chinese movie lovers as this platform provides you with a huge library. And its alternatives are also great. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy your favorite movie with your loved ones. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends who are Chinese movie lovers.


To be clear, we should clarify that the article’s objective is not to facilitate illegal activity. We encourage our users to stream their desired shows and films strictly on legal platforms as we support the law’s basic principles.

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