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December Global Holidays: Jam-packed with Celebrations

December Global Holidays

December is a month famous for holidays. Due to the pandemic travelling was not allowed in December 2021. Surprisingly, travelling has seen an increase of 4%. December is knowns as the “World of Holidays.” In view of various festivals/holidays that occur this month. 

December is jam-packed with celebrations worldwide. Consequently, this blog will provide you with a complete list of holidays. As the enthusiasm for celebration is so strong hence, individuals plan their vacation way. Further is a comprehensive list of holidays in December’s Global Holidays.

Holiday in December

List of December Global Holidays

December Global holidays have long been a source of delight. Generally, Christmas is now celebrated in almost all countries irrespective of their faith. Like other celebrations, it is recognized in a few countries.

  • Hanukkah
  • World AIDS Day
  • Krampusnacht
  • Feast of Immaculate
  • Human Rights Day
  • Las Pagodas
  • International Human Solidarity Day
  • Winter Solstice
  • Santa Lucia
  • Yule
  • Festivus
  • Christmas
  • Stephen’s Day
  • Kwanzaa
  • Boxing Day
  • Omisoka
  • New Year’s Eve

December International Holidays Around the World

Most individuals look forward to holidays, most holidays have cultural meaning. It is possible that what is honored in Japan is not well recognized in the United States. Look at the table below to become acquainted with numerous December global holidays and their importance.


December Global Holidays Date
World AIDS Day December 01
Krampusnacht December 05
Bodhi Day December 08
Feast of the Immaculate December 08
Human Rights Day December 10
St. Lucia’s Day December 13
Las Pasodas December 16-December 24
Hanukkah December 18-December 26
International Human Solidarity Day December 20
Winter Solstice December 21
Christmas Eve December 24
Christmas December 25
Boxing Day December 26
St. Stephen’s Day December 26
Kwanza December 26- January 1
New year’s Eve December 31

December Holidays 2022 Global Holidays 2022

Every festival has its reason for celebration. It can have religious importance, or it can be a tradition. Whatever be the reason, holidays always offer time to relax and rest. It lets you step back and introspect your personal life.

Below we will tell you the exact reason behind the celebration of the winter holidays. 

World AIDS Day

Eventually, in 1988 the world celebrated The first World AIDS Day.

The main object was to create a movement to increase awareness about the disease. Every year on December 1, people worldwide come together to raise awareness. About the condition and inspire and support those affected by it. 


St. Nicholas, who bestowed presents and chocolates to youngsters.

Every year on December 5, people celebrate Krampusnacht. A night following the feast of St. Nicholas commemorates the arrival of Krampus. This devil is half-goat, half-human, and is infamous for punishing mischievous youngsters. 

This celebration is entertaining for the young guys as they dress up in terrifying characters and go frightening door-to-door.

Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day is annually observed on December 8. 

To honour Gautama Buddha’s spiritual enlightenment attained via meditation. “Bodhi” means “enlightenment” and refers to the tree beneath which Gautama gained Nirvana. 

In countries with Buddhist populations like Japan, it marks a New Year. People adorn Bodhi trees and consume cookies and tea, like Christmas.

Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is annually observed on December 10. It is a global event that honors human freedom. The object of this day is to promote the awareness of the fundamental rights of humans. These rights are common to every human, irrespective of age, gender, race, and religion. On this day, the United Nations held an annual meeting to discuss the status of its aim.

Saint Lucia’s Day

St. Lucia’s day is an annual celebration that occurs on December 13. St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated to honor St. Lucia, a Christian martyr. Who saved the lives of Christians living in catacombs by providing them food. On this day, young girls put candle wreaths around their heads and stroll in unison. Secondly, they also sing Christmas carols and give gifts to one another.

Los Pasos

To commemorate Joseph and Mary’s journey to find a haven to give birth to the Savior Jesus. The term “Las Pasodas” refers to inns, which allude to the refuge where Jesus was born. Las Pasodas is a nine-day celebration between December 16 and 24. It is a holiday to honor hospitality. Thus, people wander from house to house singing songs and searching for refuge.


It is an eight-day celebration that starts on December 18 and ends on December 26. It commemorates the Jewish victory against the Greek-Syrians. People observe it as a holiday. They celebrate it by exchanging jellies and other treats. Through this celebration, Jewish people pass on their heritage to young ones.

International Day of Human Solidarity

International Human Solidarity Day is an annual celebration that occurs on December 20. On this day International Red Cross came into existence in 1863. The society aims to promote the concept of humanity, liberty, equality, and independence. Undoubtedly it instills in everyone the idea of unity and fraternity.  As a result, everyone lends a helping hand to one another.

The Winter Solstice

Every year on December 21, the Winter Solstice. It is observed to commemorate the longest night and shortest day. Generally, Yule, or Midwinter observance, is another name for it. Many people spend the day adorning their homes with candles and lights. This is to entice the sun and restore the shine to the Earth. As a matter of fact, people also sing songs throughout the neighborhood.

Christmas Eve

It is one of the most popular holidays celebrated in December. The celebration starts on December 24 eve. Some individuals go to church, while others spend their days preparing for the next day. They are reiterating their conviction that Jesus has brought us light. Most important it sets the tone for the coming day. 


The most anticipated day of December. December 25 commemorates the birth of Jesus, a saint and redeemer. A Christmas celebration is incomplete without a Santa. Santa or Santa Claus is a fictitious character inspired form St. Nicholas. He was a child adorer and always gave them presents and chocolates. This holiday brings everyone together. People decorate their homes, have parties, eat and drink, and have a good time.

Boxing Day

Every year on the day after Christmas, ie. December 26, people express their thanks to the less fortunate. They show their gratitude by giving them food and money. Thus, it recognizes the contributions of all individuals in society, regardless of their status.

St. Stephen’s Day

St. Stephen’s Day is a day dedicated to St. Stephen. A saint and the first Christian martyr according to Christian theology. He was famous for his services to the poor and needy. After forty years of preaching, he was stoned to death. St. Stephen’s Day is also an annual celebration on December 26. In order to celebrate people cook traditional foods such as stuffed cabbage and buckwheat dumplings. There is a tradition of giving alms to the poor and needy.


It is a holiday that brings together families and cultures from December 26 to January 1—representing seven principles: purpose, self-determination, communal responsibility, unity, cooperative economy, creativity, and faith. These guiding principles try to mold people’s lives in the correct direction. It also inspires them to travel the road of justice and morality.

Eve of the New Year

On the night of December 31, the most exciting holiday commemorates the end of the year. It is one of the significant events commemorating a transition in the Gregorian calendar. With a joyful celebration, people welcome the new year. People enjoy themselves and celebrate by eating, drinking, and dancing. On the other hand, some people set goals for the following year and aim to meet them.

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December global holidays that how people celebrate these holidays worldwide. This month arrives with the joy of happiness and holidays to celebrate with your dear ones. The information mentioned above is just for general purposes only. Lastly, the information mentioned earlier is just for knowledge purposes only.

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