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Why Does The 25th Island of Greece Going Trending on Internet?

25th Island of Greece

We all know that Greece is a country that consists of 6000 islands. Among these, 227 islands have people living in them. But there was nothing so serious about 25th island of Greece. Then what can be the reason behind people searching about that particular island on the internet? To know the reason, read below.


What is The 25th Island of Greece?

The 25th island of Greece name is Amorgos. It is a tiny Greece island. It has hardly 2000 inhabitants. The size of the island is only 127 square kilometers. It has a position in the easternmost part of the Cyclades, the island group of Greece and the northeast part of the country. It has received its name from the ancient Roman word used for uncertainty. We have the answer for you. This ancient island is a quiet getaway that is loved by tourists. It is also the backdrop of the movie, ‘The Big Blue’.

Amorgos has gone viral on the internet recently. You guys maybe still confused about it. But no worries!


The 25th Island of Greece, Amorgos has become popular 

In this present world, the internet has achieved immense popularity. And anything on the internet grabbing too much attention goes viral. Memes are one of the things that go viral very easily. Every year, one such meme gets viral to some extent that people start searching about it like crazy. A few of the previously viral memes are, “Why were chain saws invented?” and “What dinosaur has 5000 teeth?”. But recently a meme regarding the 25th island Greece went viral. It says, “Find out what the ” 25th island of Greece” is”. The 25th Island of Greece memes went viral mainly on Twitter. Even multiple similar memes we’re found on popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram.


Why Do The 25th island of Greece Memes Going Viral?

The 25th island of Greece meme became very much popular in no time because its name Amorgos is very much similar to the name of a worldwide popular game. The name of the game is ‘Among Us’. 

‘Among Us’ is a well-known game that is mostly loved by the young generations. The game has. a huge fan base throughout the world. It was released on the internet in the year 2018. It reached the highest peak of popularity in the lockdown period. This unique game offers great entertainment to its players. One can play the game with people staying in any corner of the world. 


Why Is The Game ‘Among Us’ So Special?

‘Among Us’ has received popularity due to its mysterious nature. One can play this game with friends or strangers or with both of them. The first one of its kind, ‘Among Us’ takes place on a zooming spaceship. There should be a number of players in the game varying from 5 to 10. There should be 1-3 imposters or cheaters among the crewmates based on the total number of players. The other players than the imposters are known as the crewmates. ‘Among Us’ is basically a game regarding crewmates vs imposters.

 The crewmates get assigned to some tasks in the game. But the imposters have none but to sabotage the spaceship in order to kill the creates secretly. Each time a dead body is found, there should be a vote where the members will talk about the persons they think as imposters. They vote accordingly and try to eliminate the imposters. If they fail to eliminate all the imposters before all the crewmates die in their hands then they lose the game.


What Sorts of Memes Have Become Popular Regarding The 25th Island of Greece

The 25th island of Greece meme has taken multiple forms. And social media has played a huge role in it. People have found the meme funny because they think the name of the island, Amorgos is very much similar to the name of their favourite game, ‘Among Us’. Especially it got popular among the ‘Among Us’ fans. And they took the meme to the next level. 

Even an ‘Among Us’ player has reshaped this meme and tweeted on Twitter, “Hello, my name is Amon Gus. I have a pokemon named Amoonguss and I live on the 25th island of Greece called Amorgus. My family business is growing and selling Suses. When I was 13, I received a lego # 26047 piece as a birthday present from my brother named Amon Sus.”

Some people posted, “Do not look for the 25th island of Greece the worst mistake of my life”. Some social media influencers also threw a challenge to their fans to solve the puzzle of the name of the ” 25th island of Greece“. Most people find the name ‘Amorgos’ hilarious. 


Disclaimer: The content is written based on the information gathered from the internet. We are not responsible for any information found wrong. 

Meta Description: The 25th island of Greece is going viral due to some funny reason. Game lovers have found the reason incredibly hilarious. Read the article to know more.

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