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KissAnime: Popular Streaming Website


If you are a cartoon lover, then you must have heard about this popular streaming website KissAnime. This Japanese website came into existence in the year 2012. Kiss Anime mainly hosts all the episodes of anime along with some other Popular Japanese Cartoons. All the shown on this website are dubbed in English so that you don’t have language issues. 

But one thing that to be kept in mind while browsing the website is that it hosts a lot of advertisements. The content on the website is free for all the users and hence the revenue is generated only through the ads. Like any other thing, the site also has some shortcomings. Stay tuned to this article to learn more about Kiss Anime and its Kissanime Alternatives.

Benefits of Kiss Anime

The main benefit of KissAnime Alternatives is that it can be accessed from different gadgets without any problem. This also provides the facility to watch cartoons in high definition, so that your experience is not ruined. You can also download cartoon films on your personal computer without paying any penny. They also have a mobile application which you can download from the google play store. 

The website is free, meaning you don’t have to provide your email id or credit card details. This also gives you assurity that you don’t have to worry about spam. The website host a wide range of Anime shows spanning from the 70s to 90s. To help you in searching the videos faster, they are categorized into genres like adventure, mystery, comedy, and action. To view the then complete list you can visit kissanime.ru.

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to browse and download your favorite program. All videos come with a download button that you can click anytime you feel to download the video. If your internet speed is slow then don’t worry as it allows you to select the format of the video before downloading it. Not only this if you want to can stream the video online on their platform and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about any viruses or malware.

Essentials for KissAnime

Before you start watching Kiss Anime on kissanime.ru make sure that you have the following essentials ready. These are some software which you will need to watch the cartoon on the website. In the first place, you will need an essential chrome extension. You can easily activate and de-active the extension through the toggle button. Does your ad blocker extension activated?. Then, to watch movies or cartoons on kissanime.nz you will have to deactivate your ad blocker. 

Because KissAnime’s website becomes unstable with the ad blocker. Once these basic settings are over you may also need a VPN to browse the website if it is blacklisted in your country. Even if Kissanime is not blocked or blacklisted, experts suggest still using a VPN to browse this website. As it helps you to hide your private information and also secure your networks.

How to Download Anime from KissAnime

KissAnime is the most popular destination for Anime lovers. As the website has a collection of the oldest and rarest Anime movies. kissanime.cc not only allows you to stream the movies online but also lets you download them for later offline view. You can download the cartoon movie or episode either through the download button provided along with the video or you can use various other free video downloader applications.


Whatever be Your Approach, Just Follow These Steps 

Step 1: Open your computer and browse the KissAnime Alternatives website using your favorite browser.

Step 2: Is to find the movie or show that you want to download. You can browse all the options available or can search if you know the title. On the kissanime website, videos are sorted according to upload date and time. 

In case you are looking for series anime make sure that you mention the season. Once the shortlisting is done you can download the video with the help of a download button labeled “Click Here to Download All Options”.

Step3: After you will click this button a CAPTCHA test will appear. Complete this CAPTCHA test to verify that you are a real human being and not a bot. 

Step4: Once the CAPTCHA test is completed you will be redirected to a new window. If you want you can play the video on this video or you can download the video using the download button.


Is Kissanime Safe?

You may come across this question very frequently on the internet. As it is a common question that people ask about Kissanime Alternatives. 

The answer to this question is straightforward “Yes” kissanime is a safe and fully secure website that you can browse easily. Another misconception that people have regarding Kissanime is that it gives you a virus. 

The officials at KissAnime have stated that the website is free from viruses and malware. But you need to pay close attention if you are using any mirror websites as they may contain viruses that may harm your computer.

To find out if you are browsing the original website or a mirror website you can use the following hints:

  1. If a new tab automatically pops up when you have entered the kissanime website in your browser.
  2.  If the website asks you to run the software before you proceed, close the website as it is a mirror website. 
  3. When the website asks you to run an executable file before streaming the movie. Then, it is not safe and you must leave the website asap.
  4. If some weird pop-ups keep on popping on your screen, then it’s time to leave.

Best Kissanime Alternative

If you are facing problem browsing Kissanime, then do not worry, we have a solution for you. You can face this issue due to various reasons like it might be banned in your country, or the website may be down. 

So if you are a Anime lover then you can try various other alternatives that are avialable in the market. To make your job easy our team has find out the best Kissanime alternatives. Like Kissanime, these alternatives also provide free entertainment.

Top 10 kissanime Alternative in 2022 (Updated)

  1. AnimeFreak 
  2. Anime Frenzy 
  3. Anime-Planet
  4. GoGoAnime
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. 9Anime
  7. AniWatcher
  8. AnimeLab
  9. Chia-Anime


What to Expect on KissAnime

KissAnime is one of the largest platforms in the world that offers KissAnime movies and series. It offers various series and shows in the comfort of your home. To provide a better experience to the customer, KissAnime has recently updated its server.

Disclaimer:  Neither we promote nor encourage any kind of piracy. We understand that the reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work is illegal and is punishable under law. We will not encourage our viewers to visit websites that provide pirated materials. 

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