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What Role Do Idioms Have In The IELTS Writing Task?

IELTS Writing Task

The Role Do Idioms Have In The IELTS Writing Task? In every language has a unique manner of describing a vast variety of objects, views, emotions, and thoughts, as we all know. To convey our sentiments, we all employ a mix of words. Idioms are the term for these phrases. There are several idioms that may quickly transform you into a skilled speaker. Most people believe that using idioms is one of the greatest options. It is driving you to become one of history’s greatest orators. Every language has its own style of expressing emotions and ideas. People learning a new language may not comprehend what we mean when we blend words. Each nation has its own collection of terms and phrases with specific significance for its people.

In English, we communicate through idioms and phrasal verbs. We must understand what idiomatic language is and how to use it correctly since we use it so regularly in our everyday lives. In bands 7 and higher, the IELTS Writing Task speaking assessment criteria are centred on how effectively you can employ idiomatic language. This statement is found in band 7 for Lexical Resource. Learning a few important idioms and how to use them correctly will help you enhance your IELTS writing and speaking results.

Before attempting to utilise an idiom in an IELTS assignment, be sure you understand and can apply it. It’s far simpler to write an idiom than it is to pronounce it out loud.You may enrol in the top IELTS online classes if you want to learn more about idioms.

If You’re Not Sure What Idioms Imply, Read The Following Lines

An idiom is a statement or expression whose literal meaning cannot be determined by looking at the words alone. “I was over the moon when I received my results,” you can remark if you scored an 8 on your Speaking exam and are pleased. Looking beyond the moon and beyond the stars in the night sky comes to mind when we consider the literal meaning of these phrases! “I was pleased when I saw my final score,” as a phrase. If you wish to pass the PTE test, on the other hand, you may simply enrol in the finest PTE online classes.

Because we’ve been exposed to idioms so often throughout our lives, we don’t even aware we’re using them.. As a student of the language, it is your responsibility to understand how to use them effectively so that they do not come off as forced. It’s possible that you’re already aware with the term “collocation,” which is one of the topics on the IELTS Speaking test. Words that are often used together and pronounced in this sequence are referred to as “collocation.” If the order was wrong, you would never say “food quickly”; instead, you would say “rapid food.” The words you pick and the sequence in which you pronounce them are equally crucial when speaking in an idiomatic language.

What Is A Phrasal Verb And When Should You Use It?

It’s tough to figure out what these phrasal verbs signify just by looking at their meanings. Pick up is the consequence of combining the word pick with the preposition up, which meaning “raise.” “I need a lift, would you please pick me up on the way to college?” we might say to seek a ride to school. We’re all aware that idiomatic language helps us to express ourselves in the most vivid way possible. They are the imaginative words that draw the reader’s attention.

You’ll Become Better The More You Practise!

The amount of idioms associated with ordinary living is amazing, and we’ve just scratched the surface. We propose that you pay attention to native speakers’ speech patterns and frequent idioms. You will be able to tell when they are using them because you will not be able to understand what they are saying while they are using them. Asking them what a phrase means without being shy is the greatest approach to learn about the language.

Make sure you’re not overusing any that come out as forced. Hundreds more idioms may be found with a fast online search. The greatest technique to learn English is to converse with native speakers or to watch English-language movies and reproduce the conversation lines. You should study phrasal verbs if you want to know which prepositions match with particular verbs. Register for the top  PTE online classes  to pass the PTE test.


Idioms liven up our talks and allow us to glimpse what’s going on under the surface (understand the hidden meaning). Your lexical resource will improve as you acquire additional idioms and phrasal verbs. Our whole team wishes you the best of success in your IELTS test.

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