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Five Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments in 2022

Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments

If you have an action camera and you are not satisfied with its microphone performance, and wondering what you can do? Then you are absolutely at the right place. This article will help you to find the best action camera microphone attachments. This attachment will work perfectly with your camera.

Why do you need an external Microphone?

If you want to be an inspiring director or a professional cameraman?. Then you must have an action camera with wireless mic for cameras. As it lets you record in high quality which will attract your audience. But the only problem is that the in-built microphone has a very average performance. Hence, they cannot record high-quality audio.  

But to have more user engagement your video voice must be clear and high quality. It must free all the ambient and background noises. It is where you will need the help of an external microphone. 

These microphones will give you a more professional look. You can easily attach it to your clothes. These external mics are handy and can be carried easily. They come in all price ranges and you can select either wired or wireless mics for the camera.

Another reason to use an external microphone is that built-in microphones of a DSLR are very sensitive. They even capture the sound of your lens and other internal camera components. Not only this they will also capture background noise and wind.

Now lets, find out

How to connect your external Microphone to your DSLR Camera?

Connecting an external microphone to a DSLR is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

  1. First connect the cable to your microphone, if it comes separately.
  2. Then connect the other end of the cable to your 3.5 mm mini-plug provided on your DSLR.
  3. Once done check if your camera is recording the sound or not.
  4. If yes, then you are ready to go.

How to connect a Wireless mic to DSLR Camera?.

The procedure explained above will work only when you have a wired external camera. If you have a wireless external camera. Then just follow these steps to sync it with your camera and wireless mic for cameras.

  1. You will have to mount the receiver onto your DSLR camera. Every receiver has a clip for mounting on DSLR’s shoe.
  2. If your receiver comes with an antenna, then turn them to 90 degrees.
  3. You will need a TRS to TRS cable.
  4. Now connect one end of the cable to the receiver while the other end to the DSLR.
  5. On the other hand, you will have a transmitter and a mic.
  6. Connect the mic to the transmitter.
  7. Then press the power button on your transmitter for more than 3 seconds. 

You will notice that the light in the transmitter starts blinking as you speak. You can now clip the transmitter to your pants pocket or anywhere you like. Then pass the mic into your clothes and clip it to the collar. Congratulations, you are ready to go.

Different types of external mics for DSLR.

It is important to understand the types of external microphone that are available in the market. You can prefer any one or two or even all three types depending upon your needs. The three types are: 

Handheld Microphone

This is an old traditional microphone and is preferred by users who want to hold the mic in their hands. But it comes with a drawback that you will need an additional device to sync your external mic with your camera.

Lavalier Microphone

Lavalier Microphones, Lav Mics as they are popularly known are the most preferred mic by vloggers and professional video makers. They are compact and can be carried easily. Both wired and wireless options are available in this category. But the main drawback is that it is suitable for only one person.

Shotgun Microphones

These video camera with microphone can be attached directly to your DSLR. They are very versatile and easy to use. They are the most expensive option.

You can use various action camera microphone attachments to further enhance the quality of our external mic. We have compiled a list of the best action camera microphone attachments available in the market.

Rode VideoMic Pro+

This is a premium attachment and it produces incredible sounds. This shotgun microphone is best for professional vloggers. This attachment also comes with an automatic power function.

Rode Wireless GO II

This wireless action camera microphone attachment can record two soundtracks at once. It has a massive battery that can keep the microphone alive for up to 7 hours. 

Sennheiser MKE400

This shotgun-type microphone offers unidirectional recording. It got a special design that reduces ambient noise as well as vibration. MKE 400 runs on a AAA battery which gives it 100 hours of audio recording.

Rode Video Micro

If you are looking for light and compact action video camera with microphone attachments, then this is best for you. It is a budget-friendly option and runs without a battery.

Which type of action camera Microphone attachment is best for you?

If you are overwhelmed by the number of options available in the market. If and could not decide which product to select then make sure that you purchase a product that is suitable for you. It must be able to fulfill all your voice recording needs and at the same time must be budget-friendly.

Few points that you must consider 


This is an important factor for determining the best external mic for you.


Mounting depends upon your mic selection and the nature of your work. If you shoot interviews then you need a lav mic. 

Size and Weight

Size and weight play an important role when you have to move the microphone. If you are a travel vlogger then you must select a mic that is compatible and lightweight.


Battery life is yet another important selection criterion. As no one will like a dead mic in the middle of the shooting. If you are on a budget go for a mic that offers high battery life. 

Because selecting the best microphone for vlogging is very critical as audio is important. If your audience cannot listen to you properly then they will not take you seriously. We will recommend a short gun mic type over others. This is an all-purpose mic that mounts easily on the camera shoe.

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