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123Movies Websites, Top 05 Alternatives, and More in 2022 (Free)?


123Movies is a website that allows users to watch movies and TV shows online for free. But, this type of website can’t be operated for a long time. So there are many other websites which allow the same experience to the users.

Now this is the major problem for users who want to watch premium content for free and they can find this type of site or once if they find then also they need to find another website because this website is always not available.

In this article, we will explore the 05 best free alternative websites similar to 123Movies in 2022. These websites offer a variety of content, from movies and TV shows to Anime for free.

Is this type of website legal?

And in today’s time, most of the users want to watch this type of content for free. so, here they can easily come into doubt about its legal uses because there are many movies and entertainment-related content providers but they are providing those after charging some of the cost while these types of websites provide those content for free.

Now, if you want to know if this type of website is legal or not you need to focus on “actually why sites like 123movies change its domain and name regularly?’ so, it is clear from this that these types of sites are illegal because these sites use copyrighted material and promote proxy.

Demand of free website like 123movie is growing

Craze of these types of sites is growing rapidly and the main reason for growing the craze of these sites is they are providing premium content for free and instead of payment they show you different types of advertisements through which they are generating money.

People who want to access 123 movies type of sites after some time aren’t able to access them. This is only because those sites were removed. But, you don’t need to worry about those new sites coming into play and this is highly probable that you don;t know about the new sites more.

Top 05 alternative sites like 123movie

If you are also from those who really want to know the best sites to watch the premium content for free then i am providing the list of top 05 alternative websites that offer similar services:-

These sites include both well-known and lesser-known options, so there is something for everyone. Browse through our list of the top sites online today to find something that you will like.


SolarMovie movie and tv show streaming website is a very popular site like 123movie. It offers great quality movies and tv shows, which are only a few clicks away. On this website, you will find that it is easy to navigate through.

It means that you can easily find the films that are being offered in your preferred genre. The way of streaming movie and tv content for free makes it a great site to use when you want to watch movies online.

When you are going to access this website by typing its name directly there is a higher chance that you can’t get your desired result. so you can check the below list of sites by which you will get your desired result easily.


I hope this list of sites will definitely help you to get access to free movie sharing websites. you just need to search these websites on your browser. but you must use a powerful VPN like IPVanish for accessing these types of services.


This free movie streaming website is also in great demand like 123movies. YesMovies is a free movie website that provides you with the latest and best movies.

You can watch your favorite movies for free on this site. So, you must give this website a try if you are looking for a good site to access free movies.


This is another great website that provides you with the latest movies. You can watch your favorite movies for free on this site. So, you must give it a try if you are looking for a good site to access free movies in the place of 123Movies.

You can access websites similar to MoviesFree by the following domains because You will have a few problems accessing Movies Free if there is a lot of trouble to access these types of websites.


Through these sites if you want to easily access these websites then this is possible. but sometimes these domains may also not work, so you need to find other websites and enjoy watching movies.


YTS is a very popular site for movies. This provides free streaming services for premium content and for this you just only need to see some of the ads and that’s it like 123 Movies.

This YTS website is VPN friendly so in this site you can use a powerful and simple IPVanish VPN. This website is the best alternative of 123 Movies. You can get more details about this site from the official website.


RARBG is another site which provides free movies. This is another popular website used by people instead of 123Movies by all the age groups. You can watch any movie and you just need to see some ads. and get access to thousands of premium movies content for free.

This site is very popular and approx. it is getting 57.1 million traffic monthly. and this website is one of the best alternatives of 123 Movies. and you can also use IPVanish VPN to use these sites safely.

Conclusion About top 5 Alternative sites like 123 Movies

Lastly, I want to conclude that there are many popular websites to watch movies online for free. 123Movies is just one of them. Be sure to check out some of the top alternatives carefully that we have provided in this article, as well as more websites that offer free movies in 2022.


This article is created only for informational purposes. Please be aware that this article is not helping to promote the use of piracy or proxy. Therefore, just be sure to read the article for informational purposes.

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